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Montessori education has expanded in Alameda with the addition of MEISA - Montessori Elementary Intermediate School of Alameda. MEISA involves the academic rigor of core subjects, balanced by an emphasis in writing, critical thinking, public speaking and the arts. Our curriculum involves the integration of the common core within the Montessori academic scope and sequence, with an underpinning of lessons in character development, leadership and responsibility to self, community and the world. A small class, representative of the concept of blended grades allows for attention and innovative, non-traditional emphasis unmatched in many typical settings.


Language and Literature

The elementary language curriculum emphasizes creative and expository writing, interpretive reading of literature and poetry. We focus on word study, spelling, grammar, punctuation, penmanship and capitalization. Research skills are introduced, practiced through individual project work and refined as students work with a wide range of research materials. Students practice and use their reading and writing skills throughout the curriculum. Students further enhance their reading, critical thinking, and writing skills through participation in book groups.


The mathematics curriculum is presented with concrete materials, which reveal arithmetic, geometric, and algebraic connections. Work with the Montessori mathematics materials ensure that mathematics is not simply memorized, but understood.

We extend the children’s knowledge of decimal system as they explore its quantities & qualities. Students practice operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We study number hierarchy, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, squaring & cubing. Throughout math work, we are continuously applying what we learn to how it relates in daily situations.


Elementary students continue exploring geometry on a sensorial level. They gain a strong understanding of fundamental geometric concepts through consecutive lessons with Montessori materials. Students begin with a study of congruency, similarity & equivalence, preparing them for later area and theorem work. We introduce the study of lines, measurement of angles and the construction of geometric figures.


History work begins with the study of each child’s personal timeline, the history of the earth, development of the solar system, and early life on earth. Students study aspects of early civilizations, the development of humankind, and recorded history. Students learn how the contributions of humankind throughout history have brought us to where we are today.


Students extend their knowledge of continents and countries with further research about the people, language and culture of different lands. Map work continues with the study of geographical features and landforms.


The children’s natural curiosity is stimulated through discovery projects and experiments, from which they draw their own conclusions. The study of botany, zoology, physiology and physical science are the focus of our science curriculum throughout the elementary years.

Music & Physical Education

Specialists in music, and physical education (including soccer!) instruct all elementary students on a weekly basis.

What makes a parent choose the Montessori Elementary Intermediate School of Alameda?

  • We have not only small ratios, but small classes

  • We have always honored families of all compositions and cultures

  • We have staff who hold 10 – 20 years of longevity

  • We have a strong cultural program, which teaches inclusion and honor

  • We encourage children to be confident learners and shapers of the world.

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